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  On December 25, is a person's Christmas.

  After dinner, I put forward to want to a person go out for a walk, because tomorrow is Saturday, and today it is Christmas, so my parents agreed without too much hesitation.

  A person aimless walk in the street, looking at the people around you, look at the shop around, and saw them with a warm smile on his face, see small store, few people are decorated with Christmas trees cheerfully. I looked away, my heart felt a sour taste, who would have thought that, in such a happy day, also have me as walking in the street, only the shadow of man, the light let me a person's Christmas had more lonely.

  Night, deep a little bit, I'm still me, a person's Christmas.






  On December 25th, is Christmas day in the United States, but I am too happy on this day.

  In the morning, I came to the classroom, students decorated the respective teachers. Some stick the board on the ribbon; Some put the head of a Santa on his door; Some of the... Figure is emerge in endlessly. The teacher saw, straight quart we do well.

  At noon, return to a home, I gave elaborate home: I sticked liuxue86.com a Santa's head on the door, sticking on the Windows on the ribbon, in...

  In the evening, I personally cut a big red Fuji apple, exhaled to eat it. It is said that Christmas evening eat apple can make this a year in peace.






  The impression that Christmas is always so comfortable and pleasant. Impression of December completely without a harsh northern winter, there is only the warmth of spring. Open primary last bunch of plum blossoms, plum blossoms open in the festival should be open Christmas.

  It comes every day, no matter who you are, always in disorder with plenty of cards on the table, filled with blessings of the statement. Distance is color crayon painting, accompanied by thick falling snow, gave Christmas pure and innocent. After school, the students all working in the stalls to buy ribbons, buy balloons, braved the snow goose feather decorated classrooms and walked every road sections.The loss of the dignity of the school past, replaced by gas rich Christmas.




  On Christmas night, my mother took me to the street. I saw the streets and the sea of people. The goods in the shops, a superb collection of beautiful things beyond count, and high quality and inexpensive, people are busy purchasing the goods. At a small ornament shop, my mother bought me a Christmas hat for me as a Christmas gift.

  I happily wear Christmas hat, continue to walk in the street, in a photo in front of my mother and I saw Mitch and Minnie respectively on both sides of the station in the door, put a different posture, to attract customers. The door also posted a variety of high-profile Santa avatar, infinite changes, children in different poses and with different expressions, the eyes are often attracted to the front of the scene, standing there all eyes looked for a moment to go with mom and dad. I wandered for a long time, and when my father and mother kept pressing, I was reluctant to go home.

  This is my Christmas, and I hope I can get the gift of Santa Claus next year.





  Christmas is coming! I whispered in my dream, and I enjoyed the joy of Christmas in my dream.

  The house is full of bright, transparent, flower - shaped candles like a crystal. In the most eye-catching small hall stood a tree in a green pearl do "dress", and then set a "small yarn made of silk dress" decorated with the stars and the moon nine color flowers, a riot of colours will change forever, not snow, feels, not cold. It's still warm! The things in the world turned into crystal, and from time to time they made a pleasant sound.

  The people who were worn out by their work were playing with their children on the day and flying in the air. All the toys have gained new life, and all the good people who have died are back.

  Santa Claus gave us a gift with a beautiful reindeer and spilled sweet and delicious sweets on the path. How I wish Santa could send me a collection of articles from all the people in the world!

  Christmas is so happy!